Application fields of mining cemented carbide

In recent years, due to the vigorous development of minerals, energy mining and major infrastructure construction around the world, the production of rock drilling products and supporting tools such as cemented carbide buttons, picks, shield bits, milling teeth and other mining tools at home and abroad has been promoted. The widespread use and development of cemented carbide in the world currently exceeds 10 billion U.S. dollars. With the country’s increased investment in high-speed rail construction, urban rail transit, western railways, and highways, it will further promote the increase in output of mining cemented carbide and the improvement of product quality.


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Application fields of mining cemented carbide


Mining cemented carbide has undergone tremendous changes with the development of the drill tool industry. At present, infrastructure construction, and resource development are all inseparable from mining cemented carbide.


1. Urban infrastructure construction


Large, medium and small cities are engaged in urban construction, which consumes a lot of steel and cement. In 2013, China’s crude steel production was 779 million tons and cement production was 2.41 billion tons. Steel and cement require the mining of limestone and iron ore. The production process requires a large amount of mining carbide.


2. Railway and highway construction


Increased investment will be made in the renovation of high-speed, four-vertical and four-horizontal railways, regional intercity railways, and the reconstruction of existing railways in various provinces and cities. These projects require large amounts of mining carbide.


3. Urban rail transit construction and tunnel excavation


China has become the world’s largest rail construction market. The excavation machinery uses a shield boring machine (TBM). The maximum size is ф15.4M, and 6-8M is commonly used in subways. Carbide for shield machine tools is divided into two categories: scrapers for shield machines, centre knives, advance knives, profiling knives, protective knives, etc., as well as hobs, inlaid with carbide teeth. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 600 shield machines in service in China. The annual market capacity of cutting tools is about 550-600 million yuan, half of which is produced domestically.


4. Various picks


1) Coal picks


China’s raw coal output in 2012 was 365,000 tons. National key coal mines, large mines and those with thicker coal seams are mostly mined by machines. Each year, more than 6 million picks are needed. Calculated based on 120 grams of cemented carbide per pick, the cemented carbide required for coal picks is about 750. Around tons.


2) Engineering picks


Road milling machines use picks, and each barrel has hundreds of bevel teeth. Milling machines are used for road repairs and whitening to blackening. Currently, the annual output of milling machines worldwide is about 2,500 units. It is estimated that the domestic market demand will be about 700 units in recent years. Rotary drilling rigs have the advantages of construction speed, good hole-forming quality, flexible and convenient operation, and high safety performance. The machine also needs to be equipped with multiple cutting tools.


3) Mining picks


It is mainly used for surface stripping of shallow iron ore, using low-cobalt coarse-grained ore carbide, which requires nearly 1,000 tons of this alloy throughout the year.


4) Mining tri-cone drill bits (China needs about 20,000 pieces per year), geological drilling tools (composite diamond carbide), blast furnace tapholes, ladle slag removal, water conservancy, hydropower projects, municipal construction, building demolition and other fields It also requires the use of a large amount of cemented carbide for geology and mining.

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