Development trend of cemented carbide button

Rock-drilling cemented carbide buttons are mostly used on button bits or down-the-hole drill bits. Among them, for tunnel excavation, underground mining, and open-pit mine quarry, the corresponding button bits suitable for high-power hydraulic rock drills should be used to facilitate rapid excavation.

cemented carbide button

At the end of the 1980s, our country began to pay attention to the research and development of cemented carbide button bits. Since the 1990s, the domestic cemented carbide button bits have greatly improved in both quantity and quality. In terms of development space, large-scale manufacturers of cemented carbide button bits have emerged one after another.

In addition, with the development of down-the-hole drilling rigs in the direction of multi-function, the corresponding demand for button alloys will also increase accordingly. As foreign companies continue to enter the Chinese market, the proportion of high-efficiency down-the-hole drills is also increasing year by year, and new equipment and technologies are also gradually developing, so the requirements for cemented carbide buttons will also become higher and higher. Nowadays, carbide buttons have some new development trends.


1. Research on Gradient Structure Alloys


Gradient structure alloy is also called multi-phase or multi-structure alloy, which is characterized by extremely high toughness and high wear resistance.

The principle is to use low-carbon alloys, obtain η-phase alloys through vacuum sintering, and process them in a carburizing atmosphere to change the distribution of bonding phases so that the content of different bonding phases distributed in different parts of the alloy can be increased. According to relevant literature and data, the service life of gradient cemented carbide button drills is about 40%-60% higher than that of standard carbide drills, and the wear resistance of its alloys can be increased by 40%-90%.


2. Heterogeneous structure alloy


Judging from the main application conditions at home and abroad, most of the alloy structures are uniform structures, but there are still a small part of typical non-uniform structure alloys.

Its heterogeneous structure alloy can be divided into two categories: one is the heterogeneous structure alloy prepared by the combination of WC particle thickness, and the other is the high-cobalt and low-cobalt alloys that are granulated separately. alloy. Heterogeneous structure alloys have extremely high toughness and wear resistance, but the inhomogeneous alloys at home and abroad are all in the stage of research and development and gradual promotion.


3. Alloys with a small amount of TaC added


There are two ways to add a small amount of TaC to the button alloy: one is to add in the solid form of Ta, W, and C, and the other is to add in the form of simple substance TaC, and the two effects are basically the same. Adding a small amount of TaC is beneficial to improve the alloy’s binder phase composition and grain boundary microstructure, thereby improving the alloy’s wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and thermoplastic deformation resistance.

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