Carbide Gear Cutters

Solid Carbide Gear Shaper Cutters

Our company manufactures various types of hard alloy gear shaper cutters for different applications, including straight-tooth carbide gear shaper cutters, spline carbide gear shaper cutters, and worm gear carbide gear shaper cutters. We can customize suitable types of gear hobs according to different machining requirements for gear shaper cutters.

LMM Group is one of the few companies with a complete industrial chain from the production of high-end raw material tungsten carbide powder to the production of cemented carbide and deep processing of cemented carbide and has a complete production-university-research base.

Our company can customize all tools in the field of metal cutting according to customer needs.

Precision and complex tool insertion (turning) gear cutter series


Tool Material: Carbide

Tooth type: straight tooth, helical tooth

Cutter structure: disc shape, bowl shape, tapered shank, straight shank, cylindrical outer tooth

Cylinder internal gear cutter standard: GB/ T6082; DIN1829

Modulus range: m0.5~m3 modulus system m; diameter control DP; pitch system CP

Tool specifications: minimum diameter 6mm, maximum diameter 120mm

Helix angle: ±45°

Scope of application: external gears, internal gears

Cutting occasions: wet cutting, dry cutting; soft cutting, hard cutting; high speed, high efficiency


Small Module Gear Shaper Cutters


Small Module Involute, Harmonic Gear Shaper Cutters

Small Gear shaper cutter

Our company produces various small module gear shaping cutters for various applications: straight tooth small module gear shaper cutters, small module helical gear shaper cutters, internal teeth small module gear shaper cutters, etc. We offer customized options to match different machining requirements.



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