hob regrinding

Regrinding and Recoating Service

LMM Carbide offers a full-process hob regrinding and recoating service, allowing your hob to be restored to its original condition in a short period of time.

LMM Group is one of the few companies with a complete industrial chain from the production of high-end raw material tungsten carbide powder to the production of cemented carbide and deep processing of cemented carbide and has a complete production-university-research base.

Our company can customize all tools in the field of metal cutting according to customer needs.

The SAACKE Hob CNC Grinding Machine has extremely high front edge dressing accuracy and can control the radial, lead, bisection and circumferential pitch of the front edge surface to DINAAA. The strictly selected cutting-edge grinding wheel is used to improve the smoothness of the cutting-edge surface, coating BALINIT® ALCRONA PRO and BALINT®ALTENSA by Oerlikon Bazers. Make the overall, life of hob more stable.

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