Wedge Tooth Carbide Button

Wedge Tooth Carbide Button

It is used to inlay heterosexual down-the-hole drill bits and roller cone bits and is suitable for soft rock formations with high drilling speed and a low probability of tooth breakage.

LMM Group is one of the few companies with a complete industrial chain from the production of high-end raw material tungsten carbide powder to the production of cemented carbide and deep processing of cemented carbide and has a complete production-university-research base.

Our company can customize all tools in the field of metal cutting according to customer needs.


*The Wedge Tooth Carbide Button can be produced according to the size and shape required by customers


Model Basic Size
D H h
SX1014-E18 10.37 14.00 6.00
SX1318-E17Z 13.15 18.00 7.50
SX1418A-E20 14.30 18.00 8.00
SX1620A-E20 16.35 19.50 10.00
SX1724-E18Z 17.20 24.00 11.50
SX1827-E19 18.37 27.00 12.00

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