What are the commonly used tools for machining gears?

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1. Hob cutter


A hob cutter is a cylindrical tool used to make large gears, usually in rough machining processes. Hobs are characterized by high processing efficiency, high processing accuracy, and large maximum cutting depth. Hobs can be divided into two types: toothed hobs and curved hobs. Tooth hobs are mainly used to process the tooth shapes of gears and spline holes, while arc hobs are used to process gear tooth slots and flat surfaces, with high precision and efficiency.


2. Gear shaping cutter


The gear shaping cutter is a movable tooth-shaped cutter, which is used to process gears with a small number of gear tooth slots and a small hub. Its processing mode is the gear-shaping method. The characteristics of gear shaping cutters are fast processing speed and high precision, and the processing process is not affected by factors such as number of teeth, wheel diameter, tooth width, etc. The gear shaper cutter has high processing efficiency and is very effective for processing small gears of large machines such as bridge cranes and the cement industry.


3. Smooth cutter


Sliding edge is a conical or spherical tool used for machining gears with a small number of teeth and shallow tooth groove depth. The characteristics of the sliding edge are high processing accuracy, no vibration during processing, small cutting force, and easy adjustment. Sliding blades are mainly used to produce hard gears or to process parts installed on profiling machine tools and Bosch machines.


4. Straight cutter


A straight knife is a tool used to process multi-tooth gears. It can ensure that the number of teeth of the processed gears is accurate and the intervals are consistent. The characteristics of neat knives are high processing precision, uniform tooth pitch, and high processing efficiency. Stiff knives are mainly used to produce various types of gear horizontal transmission devices, radiation therapy machines, MAZAK and other high-precision machine tools.


Common Gear Finishing Tool Types


1)Gear milling cutter


Gear milling cutters are suitable for the production and processing of large reduction ratios, high performance, precision gears, and have the advantages of lightweight and long life. Gear milling cutters are mainly divided into two categories: flat gear milling cutters and involute gear milling cutters. By selecting different cutting tools, gears with different precision and accuracy and special shapes can be processed.


2)Gear broach


Gear broaches are suitable for rough machining before mass production of gears or gear grinding. They are usually used for processing external spur-tooth fine gears, internal spur-tooth fine gears, etc. Gear broaches are mainly divided into two types: jump cutters and continuous cutters. Different types of cutters can meet the processing needs of gears with different tooth profiles.


3)Gear hobbing cutter


The hobbing cutter is the most commonly used tool in gear processing. It is suitable for producing large quantities of gears and high-demand gears. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, and high stability. Depending on the specific needs, different types of hobbing cutters can be selected, such as flat wheels, involute wheels, worm wheels, etc. The selection of hobbing cutters is closely related to the processing requirements.


4)Gear shaping cutter


The gear shaper cutter is a cutting tool specially used for gear shaping processing. The gear shaper cutter has high processing accuracy and long tool life and can meet the requirements of high efficiency and high precision gear manufacturing. It is usually used for the processing of small and medium-sized gears.

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