What is a solid carbide drill used for?

Solid carbide drill bits are used in modern machining centres. Constructed from fine-grain carbide and coated with TiAlN to increase tool life, these self-centring drills achieve excellent chip control and evacuation in most workpiece materials due to their specially designed cutting edges. The self-centring geometry and good accuracy of the solid carbide drill guarantee high-quality holes without the need for any further machining.


use of solid carbide drill bits


The use of cemented carbide drill bits can improve tool life and cutting speed. When used to process brittle hard materials, such as cast iron, insulating materials, glass, etc., it can significantly improve cutting efficiency. Especially for difficult-to-machine materials, such as high manganese steel, carbide drill bits must be used to process them.

Carbide drill bit is also a drill bit used in core drilling. The steel cylindrical drill bit body is named after the cemented carbide cutting tool inlaid with tungsten carbide. The shape of the cemented carbide cutting tool and the number, arrangement, and welding angles of the carbide cutting tools on the drill bit are different to ensure smooth gaps for water passage and powder discharge and to ensure the smooth development of drilling work.

In rock drilling, the drill bit needs to withstand high-frequency impact loads and is subjected to various composite stresses such as torsion, bending, tension, and compression. It also undergoes wear and corrosion from working media such as rock, rock powder, and mineral water. Therefore, specific performance is required to ensure the safety of rock drilling. Carbide drill bits have the unique wear and corrosion resistance of carbide and are an excellent choice to ensure excellent processing safety, manufacturing economy and good hole quality.


1. Characteristics and uses of carbide drill bits:


(1) Good rigidity and high strength, making it easy to obtain higher drilling accuracy.

(2) Carbide drill bits can be suitable for drilling more complex materials and can choose higher cutting speeds.

(3) Effectively reduce edge chipping and have good wear resistance.

(4) Multi-layer geometric cutting end edge improves chip removal performance and maintains low cutting resistance.

(5) In addition to the commonly used right-angle shank, a variety of shank types are available, suitable for use with a variety of drilling rigs and drilling machines.

(6) Compared with indexable insert drills, solid carbide drills can be regrinded 7 to 10 times.

2. Key points for selecting carbide drill bits.


Before processing parts, first select the appropriate carbide type (P, M, K, S, N, etc.) according to the material of the part, the machine tool used, hole accuracy, cost, etc.; secondly, according to the accuracy of drilling holes and hole depth, choose different drill bit sizes and structures, such as two-edged, three-edged, X-type, etc.; select different cutting parameters according to the equipment and product accuracy.

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