What materials are carbide tools suitable for processing?

Carbide cutting tools, also known as tungsten-titanium alloy cutting tools, are made of high-hardness materials such as tungsten-titanium carbide, tungsten-titanium nitride, and tungsten-titanium boride. This kind of cutting tool has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the field of mechanical processing.


Carbide tools are suitable for processing what material?


1. Steel


Carbide-cutting tools can process high-strength ordinary steel and alloy steel, especially heat-treated high-strength steel, stainless steel, super-hard steel, etc.


2. Cast iron

Carbide cutting tools can be used to process various cast irons, especially grey cast iron, ductile iron, etc.


3. Copper


Carbide cutting tools can process various copper materials, such as brass, red copper, zinc brass, etc.

4. Aluminum

Carbide cutting tools can process various aluminium materials, such as aluminium alloys, etc.


5. Other materials:


Carbide cutting tools can also process other materials, such as wood, plastic, etc.

Things to note


1. When machining carbide tools, the tools should be kept sharp.

2. During the machining process, cutting parameters should be strictly controlled to avoid overheating and overload.

3. Add lubricant and coolant to the cutting fluid to reduce heat and wear generated during cutting.

4. During the processing process, the tool model and material should be selected reasonably to obtain the best processing effect.

In short, carbide-cutting tools are suitable for processing various high-strength and high-hardness materials and are one of indispensable tools for modern machining.

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